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Rice Disease Pecel Medicine

Rice Disease Pecel Medicine

Who does not know the name Nasi Pecel, for those not familiar pecel rice, the authors introduce first.Pecel rice is rice mixed with vegetables and choice of typical mixed with spices made from nuts and a little pepper if you like spicy. Pecel many kinds, and various regions pecel added to the name of each region. There pecel Blitar, pecel poor, pecel jogja and so on.

Well, taste is distinctive and delicious and makes a person want to add, especially accompanied with crisp crackers or peanut brittle, and is equipped with hot tea. Hmm.

Well, then what to do with medicine Rice Pecel disease. Yuuk, we discuss sedetailnya. Judging from the materials available on pecel, of course, the ingredients are healthful ingredients. As an example, vegetables, and nuts.

Materials to make pecel are materials that are truly beneficial to the body and of course, can improve health. Vegetables are a lot of vitamins to it, especially green vegetables, vitamin richer contained therein. Surely all already know, what are the benefits of vitamins from vegetables.Vegetables in addition to containing vitamins also contain substances that our bodies need, such as iron, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. Of course the benefits of this vegetable is to increase your metabolism and provide antioxidants that are good for the body.

Not only that, the ingredients to make pecel rice is rice, which must contain carbohydrates that provide energy for the body. And most important of rice is pecel marinade ingredients, made from beans.Generally, it is peanuts, peanut which has been tarnished because of a myth that peanuts can cause acne is not enar, on the contrary, the bean can be created as a softener yanga face.
In spite of it all, the benefits are enormous peanuts, kcang soil containing fat, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, etc.. Also provide a huge benefit at all.

What are the benefits :
1. Regulate blood sugar
2. Prevent gallstones
3. Preventing Depression
4. Improve memory
5. Prevent heart disease
6. Lose weight
7. And many more

Well, it already knows the benefits of each ingredient of rice pecel. Rice is Pecel Drugs, drugs packaged in the form of a tasty, delicious and steady, so that people unwittingly eat rice if pecel can nourish his body. And that it must be remembered, not excessive, as well as any food, if excessive it will cause disease.

Similarly, a brief discussion of this, may be useful and healthy greetings.
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