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How to Quickly Lengthen Your Hair

How to Quickly Lengthen Your Hair

Stylist cut your hair too short! Neck that makes you look insecure, and felt like a cold. How do I let my hair long again quickly?
Things like this we often experience. Either because of a haircut, or you want to get a haircut before the trend trigger craving change, you can expect long hair in an instant. The good news, this could happen. A hairdresser might say, do not cut your hair again, even if only for trimming or smoothing hair model.

Basically, the hair will grow rapidly when in good health. Here are tips that you can do to keep hair healthy and long fast:

1. If your hair is damaged or branched ends, immediately trim the branches are. Granted you have to cut it, but this is the first step.

2. Do not shampoo every day. Shampoo can reduce the natural oil produced by hair, and useful to nourish the hair. Reduce this habit a few times a week, or once every three days. If your hair is dirty quickly and need to be washed every day, use a conditioner every few days. Unless you work outdoors, your hair is not dirty, very dirty and should be washed every day. Quite a bit of conditioner to repel dirt and soften hair.

3. Minimize the use of hair band or other accessories that will grab your hair. When long hair began to bear, you do tend to be tied so as not to disturb. But the hair band will cause hair breakage if every time you tie it in a place that's all, like a ponytail.

4. Use styling products as little as possible. For example, gel, volumizer, serum, hairspray, and so forth. Use products that are too often making the hair clump, so you need a shampoo to clean it again. Clumps of these materials also adds to the styling of your hair dirty.

5. Minimize the use of heat tools, such as blow dryers, pengikal hair, or hair irons. It's OK to wear them, but try not to do it for too long the hair is exposed to heat for too long.

6. Wear a hat. Exposure to sunlight will damage and dry hair. Keep your hair healthy as possible so it is easy to grow again.

7. Use a hairbrush to massage the scalp every night. Do the twist to the entire scalp for about 15 minutes. After that, comb your hair gently from the base to the tip of the hair. This will distribute the natural oils in the hair around the base of hair until the end.
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